The Story of Bambu

Dismayed at the waste created by traditional TP, we researched every bamboo solution available and were disappointed by the bleach-heavy products and wimpy, weak rolls. So, we set out to meet the needs of the buyer that shared our high standards for thickness, strength, and softness—creating what we believe to be the most sustainable, trustworthy brand in the market today.


In delivering paper products that are strong, sustainable, and soft, our mission is to help people realize they don’t have to compromise anything in order to reduce their waste. With toilet paper that is just as comfy and functional as it is eco-friendly, we will create lasting, sustainable change for both our health and that of the planet.
We exist to push the paper products industry forward to better meet the needs of a new generation of consumers—those who care about the environment just as much as they care about the products they use on their bodies.
Our vision is for a world in which people recognize the power that’s in small, repeated steps that are taken with intention. We want to build a world where a single, sustainable investment today can make all the difference in creating a better future.
From our Founder

Like most people before the pandemic, I didn’t think too much about toilet paper – except that it was a necessity that we needed to always have on hand, and that it made it on my grocery store shopping list from time to time. That changed when the pandemic created a run on toilet paper – suddenly store shelves were empty and people were talking a lot about toilet paper.

While I knew traditional toilet paper was made of trees, I started to consider how many trees were literally getting flushed down the toilet every day in homes all across the United States. That made me start to look for alternatives, where I discovered bamboo toilet paper.

After trying a lot of brands, I realized that I wanted something different. I found that most bamboo toilet paper brands contained bleach or other chemicals, or the rolls were too small or thin. I decided to create Bambu to be a brand for those that value thick, strong, soft and sustainable bamboo toilet paper that you can trust. We’re excited about what we’ve built and we hope you will enjoy it as well!

Joslyn Faust

CEO, bambu

The Values that Drive Us

Caring for You: Just as much as we care about the environment, our care for our customers is reflected in all that we do–from our products’ design to our easy-to-use subscription shipment plans.

Full-Cycle Sustainability: Sustainability is a priority in every aspect of our business and in our supply chain—from the sourcing of our ingredients to our ethical manufacturing and shipping practices.

Demystifying Paper Product Wellness: With transparency & truth core to our philosophy, we’re passionate about giving people the information they need to make the best decisions possible for their health & wellbeing.

Breaking Down Barriers to Quality Hygiene: Both through our products and our giving back program, we are building a future in which quality hygiene is easier to access for everyone.