The story of HeyBamboo.

Dismayed at the waste created by traditional TP, we researched every bamboo solution available. We found a lot of bleach-heavy products and wimpy, weak rolls. We knew others shared our high standards for thickness, strength, and softness. So we created the most sustainable, and trustworthy toilet paper brand on the market today.


Our mission is to help people realize they don’t have to compromise anything to reduce their waste. Our toilet paper is just as comfy and functional as it is eco-friendly. Together, we’re creating lasting, sustainable change for our health and the planet.
Good for the planet. Good for your bum.
We are revolutionizing the paper products industry to better meet the needs of consumers—those who care about the environment and the products they use on their bodies.
Our vision is for a world that recognizes the power in small, repeated steps that are taken with intention. We want to build a world where a single, sustainable investment today can make all the difference in creating a better future.
From our Founder

Over the past few years, I’ve become more conscious of my impact. During the pandemic, I found out a lot about traditional toilet paper that surprised me. Did you know that 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet paper? Neither did I. That’s 15 million trees and 15% of our earth’s forest literally getting flushed down the toilet every year! As trees are so important in the fight against climate change. I decided to change my personal toilet paper purchasing habits.

I tried other eco-friendly toilet paper, but – I wasn’t impressed. Some recycled toilet paper felt like sandpaper, while others disintegrated in your hands. #nothanks.

I set out to create a product that combined the silky-soft luxury I wanted with the sustainability I craved. And HeyBamboo was born. We’re excited about what we’ve built, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Joslyn Faust

Founder, HeyBamboo

(S)wipe right on HeyBamboo and the values that drive us.

Full-cycle sustainability: This value influences every decision we make, from how we source ingredients to our manufacturing ethics to our shipping practices. We further support our environmental commitment with our tree planting program.

Feeling great about wellness: We are passionate about designing wellness products that people feel great about. We consider how it actually feels and performs, as well as how it affects their personal health and the environment. We want our customers to enjoy having our products in their homes through our beautiful branding and designs.

Caring for you: We care about our customers as much as we care about the environment. This is reflected in all that we do – from our thoughtful product design to our easy-to-use subscription plans.

Commitment to transparency: We are committed to giving people useful and accurate information about our products and the environment to support their health and well-being.