Luxury 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper - 24 Rolls

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Bambu is the only bamboo toilet paper brand built for the consumer who’s as passionate about quality as they are caring for our planet.

Experience tradeoff-free TP

Our bamboo toilet paper is completely sustainable—but with no compromises made for thickness, strength, and softness. We’re here to prove that going natural doesn’t have to be hard, miserable, or uncomfortable–in fact, it’s actually pretty soft & cozy. 🥰

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We believe in the power of small steps made with big intentions. With a bambu subscription plan, you can save hundreds of trees over the course of your lifetime. Place your order from the comfort of your couch and we’ll get it to you with carbon-neutral delivery. All impact–zero guilt.
Jessie L.
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Couldn’t believe how soft this toilet paper was when I received my box! Great stuff.
Ashley B.
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The toilet paper is thick and super soft and most of all it doesn’t tear 😆 Will definitely be ordering more 😍
Lorna H.
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If you are looking for an eco friendly product these bamboo undies are the way to go!
Laura A.
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Really nice quality and pretty design on the toilet paper as well. Special treat for my bottom.
Lou B.
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Love the ethos of this company AND their products... packaging & delivery is on point 👌

Why bamboo?

Simply put, we love bamboo because it’s a great alternative to the traditional toilet paper products that contribute to deforestation and plastic production.

Soft and durable


Lower carbon footprint

Designed for wellbeing

100% bamboo


Because biopulping is the process for making our paper, we eliminate the need for pulping chemicals to be added.

It contains bamboo. That’s it!

Absolutely! Each roll is individually wrapped in recyclable paper and packed into recyclable cardboard boxes. No plastics are included. Our shipping is carbon-free, and you can order right from the comfort of your own couch!

Count on bambu to care about animals as much as we care about the environment. We promise no animal testing and even ensure the harvesting of our bamboo doesn’t affect panda habitats.

Yes! Traditional sewer systems, composting, alternative toilets, and even delicate septic systems can easily handle our product.
You really can’t compare it to the cheap stuff! Our high-quality bamboo fibers are a long-lasting luxury product. Our ethical manufacturing and shipping practices come at a higher price, but in our opinion, that price is worth paying.
If you’re used to the softness and strength of supermarket brands, rest assured that bambu has not only considered the enviornment’s needs, but your nether region’s as well. We don’t expect you to sacrifice what you from your T.P. Even though we’re not exactly the same (and why would we want to be?) you’ll be satisfied with our feel and performance.

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